Main kinds of activities
1. Thickness measurement and fault detection of ships hull and ships constructions:

UTM for Class Surveys (all types, incl. ESP Vessels) UTM for Owners Condition Survey UTM for CAP Survey

Multiple echo digital gauges provide accurate thickness measurement through paint coatings without chipping or damaging the coating.

2. Thickness measurements of pipelines, pressure tanks, boilers, steam pipes, calibration of anchor chain cables.

3. Rope access (in providing of Close-up survey and thickness measurement), well as steeplejack works with the use of TV for visual examination of hull.

4. Preparation of all necessary documentation according to requirements of the following Class Societies:

Lloyds Register, Germanisher Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Rina, ABS, Polski Rejestr Statkow, Korean Register of Shipping, Bulgarian Register of Shipping, Shipping Register of Ukraine. State Maritime Administration Estonian Maritime Administration, Latvian Maritime Administration, Lithuanian Maritime Administration.

5. Steel condition assessment (visual inspection & UTM & photography), providing draft reports at sea during voyage, calculation of steel renewal weights, professional assistance for making Dry-docking Specification, choosing the right Shipyard.

6. Supervising during repairs or Dry-docking and as result the reducing total quantity of replaced steel.

7. Performs works by calculation of residual thickness with the subsequent calculation of durability cases of vessel and change of navigation condition.

8. Quality control of the welding seams by the ultrasound.

9. Spatial and geodesy measurements of ships hull and steel structures in an arbitrarily assumed coordinate frame (plotting ship body lines,straightness measurements etc.), shaft line alignment.

10. Design works on conversion and repair of ships by hull part.

11. Strenght calculations.

Main principles of activities
Quality Management Implementation

Efficient Experienced Technical Team

Maximum satisfaction of Clients requests

Precise compliance with contract schedules

Wide Range of Survey Services

Use of the modern equipment and computer programs

Professionally & Accurately UTM Reports & Steel renew recommendations

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